A music education graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University, Bernie has recently retired from a career in state government.  He sings with the St. Louis Symphony Chorus, is a charter member of the Springfield Symphony Chorus and the Springfield Oratorio Chorus,  and is a founding member of the Capital Chamber Singers.  Bernie is a long time church choir director in the Springfield area.

"Whether it is singing in a large group or small, or directing a church choir, my enjoyment comes from recognizing the progress that is made from the initial reading of a piece of music until the music is performed.  The process involves mastering the basics of a piece, and then going to the next level with the group's interpretation of how the music should be performed.  This is particularly rewarding with the Capital Chamber Singers where we have numerous singers who, at times, suggest varying interpretations of a piece.  Ultimately, the group settles on an interpretation that is comfortable for all of us."
~ Bernie ~
Bernie Wiseman - baritone